Ministry Partners

Bethel Church

1202 North Maple Avenue
Rapid City, SD 57701
P: 605-342-5415
E: Bethel@Bethel.AG

For more information about the Bethel Church Women’s Climbing Groups schedule of events and meeting times, click here.

Interested in running your own Chick Climber Meetup Group? 

If you would like to inquire about partnering with Chick Climber by hosting your own women’s climbing group at your church, contact Renee Kahler at

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Climbers for ChristClimb Hard. Love Harder.

The Mission of Climbers for Christ is to encourage, equip and empower climbers to share the love of Christ with the climbing community.

The Vision of Climbers for Christ is that every climber throughout the world will have the opportunity to experience and follow Jesus Christ.

Community: We believe that the best way to reach climbers is through relationships. This is why we are primarily organized by local chapters of like-minded climbers. Our Chapter Coordinators champion the building of authentic communities where climbers can be themselves. They are intentional about creating an atmosphere conducive to conversations and experiences related to climbing AND Jesus.

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