Category: Testimonials


God has used rock climbing, and this ministry, to impact the lives of others. Their testimonials can be powerful and encouraging. God uses many different tools to reach us and draw us closer to Him. Rock climbing is an amazing tool to teach us reliance on Him.

I love the diversity of the women who cross are path. We have single moms, young married women and grand moms. There are also professionals, home schoolers, stay at home moms and students. We have teenagers, young adults, middle aged women and even a couple seniors. We have some who have never done anything adventurous in their lives. Others who are adrenaline junkies. Some of the women have a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, others do not. There are women who are struggling with depression or addiction. Others have beaten the odds and are thriving due to overcoming the difficulties of their past. Somehow, it all works together in perfect harmony. Unlikely relationships form, support is found, and Christ is introduced. I find it amazing how the Rock continues to meet each person’s individual needs, great or small, on the rock.